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11th-Sep-2014 12:19 pm
gaignun: ([hyd] - me.jpg)
Never uses this journal for anything else, the Tara story.

Blah blah 13th year in a row of this. )
11th-Sep-2013 04:53 pm
gaignun: ([hyd] - peek)
... this journal is just going to be annual tradition posts today at this rate since I literally haven't updated since last year's. Oh well IT'S A PERSONAL TRADITION so whatever.

dang 12 years is a long ass time I'm old as balls. )
11th-Sep-2012 04:26 am - WOAH ANOTHER ACTUAL POST.
gaignun: ([xs] - stormwaltzing)
And it's only because I've done this every year today so don't want to break tradition. :x Though it's always been on LJ before this.

11 years on the 11th. )
26th-Dec-2011 11:19 pm - Okay.
gaignun: ([le] - FUCK THE POLICE)
Hi guys this is Tara / gaignun@LJ / Dio / Yzak / Jr. / bagelmod from CFUD as if that was not obvious by the username being the same as on LJ.

Will I ever update? Well I haven't even updated my LJ since before Fam started in October, so WHO KNOWS.
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