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Because I said I would.

I used to have this huge, ugly, ripped up doll (and when I say huge I mean huge) that I think was my sister's or something - she didn't want it anymore so I was like NO GIVE IT TO ME. And the thing was gross as hale and, again, ripped and loosing its insides. So my mom was like THROW IT AWAY and I was like ONLY IF YOU GET ME A KITTEN.

One weekend at my dad's house I heard him talking to someone over the phone and mentioning things like oh I have a box and we can buy catfood and I was like what. My dad is the worst at being discreet/keeping secrets sorry to say, so I was tipped off to my surprise before I got it. A little while later I hear my sister walk in and she calls in TARA CLOSE YOUR EYES I HAVE A PRESENT FOR YOU. So I was like. OHO I WILL PLAY ALONG.

And into my hand plopped a tiny little orange and white ball and he was the CUTEST THING EVER SCREAM. I came up with the name for him that night, since I had my SNES with me at my dad's house and was playing my favorite vidya nobody's ever heard of (I'm so hipster), Secret of the Stars by Tecmo (IT WAS SUCH A NOT GREAT GAME but fuck if it wasn't one of the many great memories of bonding with my cousin because we had fun back then). ANYWAY. One of the characters in this game was default named Cody - and he had been turned into a lion when you found him and you had to help him and turn him back and he also turned into gold in lion form at one part too. ANYWAY, the feline connection was enough to leave me happy with my choice, also because the name Cody was cute as it was.

THAT FIRST NIGHT!! I still remember being like omg love me kitten love me come sleep with me I want to cuddle you, but he was skittish and all like NOPE YOU ARE A STRANGE HUMAN. He did eventually come onto the bed, but KEPT HIS DISTANCE!!! lest I was like idk some evil wench who wanted to devour him. I remember the next day I had picked him up and took him to the mirror to see HOW CUTE WE LOOKED TOGETHER. And that was his first time seeing himself so obviously he FLIPPED HIS SHIT right out of my arms. That was the only time he ever did that though, he figured out that it wasn't actually another cat.

We had another cat, Doink, as well as out weenie dog Roger back home, so when I left dad's to bring him home it was fun introducing him to the others. Because Roger was just like OMG CAT CAT CAT HI CAT and Doink was like. BITCH HOW DARE YOU BRING THIS DISGUSTING INFANT INTO MY DOMAIN. But Doink was always a really docile thing, so she got used to it quickly enough.

I remember carrying him to school once with mom to SHOW ALL MY FRIENDS LOOK AT MY NEW BB. I was in 8th grade, and thinking of that right now makes me feel hella old. But I was also happy because Doink was my sister's, and then kind of 'our' cat, and Roger was 'our' dog but mostly my mom's. But Cody was 'my' first real cat.

Well actually Doink being docile and female and Cody being a little boy ended hilariously. Because once Cody got bigger he went from bring less than half of Doink's size to like X-BOX HUGER THAN HER. So when he would try to play and roughhouse she would have nothing of it. He also, unlike Doink, wasn't a pushover - so Roger who sometimes enjoyed try go get his humps on with poor Doink (who booked the fuck out of there when she realized he was COMING FOR HER), figured out quickly enough that Cody would not have that shit. Because Cody didn't book it. Cody went OH HELL NO YOU TRY TO HUMP ME I'LL HAVE YOUR BLOOD, DOG.

So yeah really when we had the three of them together it was like a circus all day every day in our house.

Cody almost died when he was around 2 or 3. Technically he 'should' have died according to EVERYONE EVER. We took him to the vet with what was a UTI. A really bad one. He also hadn't been neutered yet, so in one fell swoop they neutered him and did the surgery they needed to do on him for the UTI. He came out of it pretty bad, but he came out of it. When he was back home recovering, he got blocked again, so had to go back. He had already lost a ton of weight and was really reeling from the first round of surgery - they told us that basically Cody had a small penis (something we pointed and laughed at him about later), so it had closed up again even though they snipped enough to take care of the blockage.

So they basically had to take everything out from down there with more surgery. And he pretty much literally was skin and bones at the end of it. They had told my mother than he was more than likely not going to make it, but I went to visit him every day and BELIEVED IN HIM and really Cody was stubborn when it came to like everything so like hell he was going to die then. His recovery was super super hard, but he made it back full swing to the point where he went from literally weighing like one pound to becoming the fat ass that he always was.

I still remember when he was home and I was keeping a close eye on him just in case. I was sitting on the floor and he had come over to sleep in my lap and I just decided to stay down there and watch TV, because they were debuting the pillars of light down by Ground Zero that night.

-- and then I went to find the old entry I made on that day. Emoticons and all.

Well we watched the news. I took a seat on the floor, Cody stumbled over to me and layed on my lap. I drapped a sheet over him because he is so cold cause he's weak. Anyway we sat there, watching the ceremony.
I felt bad though because I had to move Cody from my lap. ;.; And me meowed. I may sleep on the floor tonight. E_E Cause I don't think Cody has the stength to climb up into my loft bed. n.n Lol.

So yes. We can clearly see that I have not changed much since back then when it came to my baby (last night I slept on the floor next to his catbed with him for the same reason).

Around that time my life was. Something. I had a lot of Problems. Problems that I still never told anybody about and even the family members involved or in the know about said problems never really. Talked about it, even after they were over. But I missed a lot of school, I'm pretty sure I was going through some kind of depression/extreme emotional thing for a few years there. I'm glad more than anything that Cody was there with me because even with everything else, he was always still my baby.

He also had a sense of adventure. MORE THAN ANYTHING he loved running into the hallway of our building any time we opened the door. Sometimes, rarely THANKFULLY, mom wouldn't even realize he ran out that's how fast he was. So a couple of times there were. Incidents. Like once I realized a couple of hours later "... where is Cody?" and he was all the way up by the door of the roof. I was like OH MY GOD CAT.

Once in the winter time he did it, and back then we still had the old old old remnants of a bathroom in the back of the hallway with the door that led into the back yard (my old apartment is in a really old railroad apt building). When we realized he had SNUCK OUT AGAIN I freaked out. Tried calling him in the hallway-- he had somehow made it out the broken window in the back of that hallway, wandered around the back yard like nobody's business, and then got stuck between the two doors trying to get back inside. He was freezing his ass off, and when we looked out the window we saw hundreds of little pawprints in the snow.

BOTH OF THESE INCIDENTS WERE LIKE. Wow if he got onto the roof that could have ended badly. Wow if he went under the fence in the backyard we might not have seen him again. But they did not end badly and just ended in us being in awe at what a smartass this cat was.

Once during Thanksgiving he was being SUPER BAD and SUPER FAT trying to get our turkey and our olives. (his nickname because of his large ass was turkey lurkey, and goo goo g'joob. and La Carcagne and a million other names) No matter how much we were like CAT NO. Back then our bathroom door had broken, so we had a piece of plywood on the hinges instead with a latch hook. We put him in the bathroom, and using a knife, I maneuvered CAREFULLY to lock it with the latch from the outside. At least until we were done with the food.

And well I guess he saw how much I was fiddling with the latch from the outside.

20 minutes later this guy comes waltzing into the fucking living room like nobody's business. WE WERE JUST LIKE. Oh my God Cody did you really.

Twice he somehow got out of our window. Walked along the ledge, and then. Went into my neighbors' apartment. Once he did that when he was a kitten, and again about a year later. They had cats too and the neighbors were SO CONFUSED BECAUSE THERE WAS A RANDOM CAT IN THEIR HOUSE??? HOW DID THAT GET THERE?? DID IT FUCKING FLY IN??

So yeah Cody was always a LUCKY CAT getting into CRAZY SHENANIGANS THAT COULD HAVE ENDED REALLY BADLY but didn't because he was a trooper or something.

And that's basically how life. Was. With him. Christmas time let's get the decorations box out OH NO FAT CAT LAYING ON ALL OF THE DECORATIONS IN THE BOX. Christmas tree OH NO CAT IN THE TREE CHEWING THINGS. Always flopping on my lap at the computer, stretching out on my desk knocking everything over. Following me like everywhere. Meowing in our faces early in the morning because he wanted food or water or something from us (or just to troll). Flopping beside you and then rolling over BARRELING HIS HUGE ASS AGAINST YOU. Or in your face, he enjoyed doing that especially. CAT ASS.

Once when we were having the bathroom completely redone and pulled out the walls, he climbed up the wooden bars and up into the ceiling and we had a hell of a time getting him down from there because once he was up there HE COULD NOT GET DOWN. I think he also ended up under the bathtub during that same renovation and got stuck. GENIUS.

Living next to a railroad in my old apartment, we'd every now and then get a mouse or two. And oh boy did Cody enjoy that. SO MANY FUN TIMES. I would know. I WOULD JUST KNOW if I heard him out in the kitchen and heard him let out that deep, satisfied predatory meow. I would just need to hear that and be like "... WELP better prepare" because he was a cat. And cats enjoy playing with mice before they decide to feast. So those nights usually ended up in yelling and screaming if he let it run and it started running toward us. Once he regurg'd one right next to my mom's bed and my mom literally woke me up like OH MY GOD TARA THE CAT DID THAT and I just sat up and laughed at her heartily. Since mice times with Cody always amused me.

Sometimes we would also have pigeons perch RIGHT ON OUR WINDOWSILL and he would flip his shit. Making that BIRD DEATH CALL and LEAPING ONTO THE WINDOWSILL as if he was going to reach through the screen to catch it. Sometimes the birds wouldn't even fly away when he did that and he'd sit there like !?!??!!??!?! FUCK WHAT DO I DO NOW BIRD GET INTO MY MOUTH SHIT AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.

He was also my moth hero. Like every once in a while a GIANT JUICY MOTH would get into the house and I HATE MOTHS SO MUCH UGH and he would death call at it until it got to a place he could get it. I REMEMBER ONCE OH MY GOD I ran out of the room and the moth FOLLOWED ME and somehow as it fluttered through my room Cody jumped up and caught that shit in his paws mid air and INSECT FEASTED LIKE A KING. I was just like oh my baby my hero saving me from the gross moth monster.

And on subject of feasting he was just. A fatty fat fat. 16lbs in his prime (which was a long prime) and I remember the vets we would take him to would be like WOAH THIS IS A BIG CAT. And on top of being big Cody never took any shit so made sure to be difficult when he was not happy or had strange people touching him (in any manner, like really if you didn't know how to pet him right he'd be like STOP THAT GRR. As a cat does).

And when I lucked out and got my apartment in September, the main thing I cared about on my first night there was having him there with me. Mom was like you can leave him here for like 2 days you know you'll have to set everything up and I was just like NOPE.JPG need my goo goo g'joob with me. And he was like. OMG A RUG I've never flopped on a real rug before what is this counter I will hang out on top of your fridge this house is mine already everything I touch I own.

So yeah Cody was always like. My child and my baby and my bff. And we had a lifetime of lols and shenanigans and adventures and basically grew up together since I was still not even in high school when I got him. He was my first pet that was actually mine and I'm lucky to have had him in my life for so long.

And I know I probably forgot a ton of hilarious dumb stories that I can't think about right now but most of them are pretty much like the rest in that it can be summed up with "OH CAT"

And now I'll try not to grossly spam every picture I have of him and kill all of your browsers.

Oh no a tiny baby.

Sotiny compared to Doink

Three Stooges.

Tiny princess.

On his way to outgrowing Roger. He was sleeping on the top of the couch and just. Slid off onto the dog and stayed like that so my grandpa took a pic.

And then he was the biggest.

Always on my chair.

What is dignity.

Oh no I forgot to resize this one.


I always loved this picture gosh perfect timing.


Totes sexy.


Action shot.

Prettiest eyes.

He liked it when I held his tail for him to groom. :|b

Fridge king.

Party hard.

Omg he was so FAT at one point.



CATNIP seriously look at all of the drool on his neck that's how much he freaked out.

More dignity.

Can you find the Cody in the pic? (he literally slept like that)

This chair was supposed to be for my nephew.

PIGEON!!!!! (you can see its evil red eyes if you look closely)

Knocking shit over like always.


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