gaignun: (Default)
Tara ([personal profile] gaignun) wrote2016-10-12 02:35 pm

Okay...? OKAY!!

I have a busy couple of weeks, but we'll see if I dive back into stuff before my Florida trip next week or after that. I do want to post about this last week and NYCC though so maybe I'll work on something! Since I did float the idea of using a journal properly again with my backflipping out of DWRP's grossness and also because of Plurk being ... Plurk always and I love Plurk but I also hate Plurk. THE VICIOUS CYCLE.

Is anyone even out here anymore. Am I all alone. Will I just be posting into the void.

(I still never threw together a summary for this Last Exile event either, oops, but it was boring compared to the last one tbh)

I guess I'll work on transferring paid time and icons and shit here later and maybe work on a new layout. (my old side profile 26 years old HAHAHAHA WOW)

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