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A Walking Dead Post and nobody was surprised

I did want to do an NYCC round-up post with pics and also I just got back from Florida and I want to do that too. And I will soon, maybe doing this will kick my ass into it.


I need to talk about The Walking Dead. And show off pictures from my mini-party and sub-par baking skills.


Before I actually talk about the episode, I prepared for it! Since I had a mini-party for it. For the season 6 finale, I had Kiyuu over to watch it, and that cliffhanger cockteased us, but it meant we'd have to resume the party in October for season 7 again. I made cookies then, so I made cookies this time around, too. They were very theme appropriate. This is the only time I ever put any effort into baking beyond standard "roll up into ball and bake." Learning how to do royal icing and stuff is fun, though! Despite my clearly noob skills.

My shirt was also very theme appropriate.

My Gameboy decal whiteboard on my fridge featured a special drawing.

Snapchat had a special feature for the premiere, too. And I don't really use Snapchat despite ... having downloaded it, but I had to get in on the fun.



Featuring Kiyuu and I yelling a lot, holding each other and at points, shedding actual tears. Because holy fucknuts. Where do I even begin here? It's been so long since I've done a post like this.

The opening: ... was the teaser they showed at New York Comic Con! Which we were at, 7th row, bitches! So having already seen this, we were calm. If not like AUGH, ARE YOU SERIOUSLY NOT SHOWING THE DEATH RIGHT AWAY? Still, the "right hand" teasers were great and despite them being only little call backs to Rick losing his hand in the comics with no actual hand loss, they made comic readers scream. A lot of comic things came to life in this whole episode, including Rick's "I'm gonna kill you. Not today. Not tomorrow. But I'm gonna kill you," and a bunch of Negan's reactions/responses to that.

NGL, the Simon thing also cracked me up because I hope they make his THING a running joke. The first of which was him telling Negan Rick had a "hatchet" and Negan being all "?? A HATCHET?" "... he had an axe." And then later on the "You got a pen?" and Simon nods but tosses him ... a marker. Like, please make this Simon thing a running tiny-gag I love it.

The way Negan just DRAGS Rick to the RV is even substantial. Just the fact that this character in specific is being literally dragged by this guy who is in the process of turning their whole world upside down was to emasculating for Rick.

The logo looks great this season, too. Each season decays it a little more and more. Here's a rotation of all of them!

That said, they didn't really change the opening, but there's ... a good reason for that. So I think (hope!) next week we'll get a new OP considering the HAPPENINGS of this week. Shot of Lucille for Jeffrey Dean Morgan's name please. PLEASE.

The funtime RV ride: The start of Negan's breaking of Rick. Which was wonderful IMO. They did SO GOOD with balancing that shit-eating grin Negan with that menacing will totally fuck you up Negan. The joke when he slams into the walker and busts its head on the window all "remind you of someone you know? :)" was terrible (aka I laughed and moaned). His little tests to Rick to get him to just REACT just so he could break him down more were so good. First was the axe thing in the RV before they head out, daring Rick to try something with him. Which he does, just as Negan wanted, but he's obviously prepared with a shotgun to shut that shit down.

The tossing the axe up onto the RV roof when they stop was great too. Since Negan takes Rick to the place with the block they set on fire and the bridge they hung that guy from. As a reminder of why this was all happening now. Despite Rick's hardship at times during the walker encounters, I love that they're already showcasing Negan's rules and how he actually is a man of his word. As horrible as he can get with things. After all, like Negan said, he can't get anything done if he just killed everybody, he needs them alive to provide for him. So his saving Rick was great in that regard.

There were so many more little teases to Rick's hand when he finally gets back into the RV. The way they angled the cameras and had Rick's hand placement alongside Negan just cleaning off the axe. His looks to Negan throughout the whole episode so far were so vivid and telling, too. I love that about Rick Grimes. Aside from his CRAZY HEAD TILT, he also just had this ... LOOK. And I'm so glad they made that specific look a point in this episode, because Negan sure as hell notes it as well.

The first death: During the RV scene with the walkers, we get Rick flashing back to the actual kills. And HOO FUCKING BOY. Abe being the first victim was hard enough. I didn't notice it on the first watch, but on the rerun I noticed that when he's chosen, he just discreetly flashes Sasha a quick little peace sign (the peace sign thing is their little THING) all, IT'S COOL I'M COOL WITH THIS. I absolutely love that Abe really does, in Negan's words, take it like a champ. Kneeling straight up, staring him in the eye, not wavering or flinching.

And he even went out with one final Abe-ism. "Suck ... my ... nuts." Simple and yet so Abe like and PERFECT. GOD I WILL MISS ABE'S ABE-ISMS SO MUCH. Mother dick! Loose ends make my ass itch! You have a better chance of picking up a turd by the clean end! Dolphin smooth! When you were pouring the Bisquick were you trying to make pancakes! Son of a dick! And of course the ever-famous WHO'S DEANNA?? There are so many more, and Abe your quotes will be missed, they and you are a treasure.

Anyway, the actual Lucille-ing was fucking brutal. Which I expected and am somewhat glad for. It was by far one of the most gruesome things in the comics, and the show lived up to that. The pans to everyone, especially Rosita and Sasha were heartbreaking. ESPECIALLY ROSITA.

The second death: Because our hearts weren't broken enough. SO. Before things got started, Glenn had a little outburst when he saw Maggie, tried to run to her, got grabbed and put back to the fuck down, Negan basically went: okay you're emotional, I'll give you that one for free, but if it happens again I will shut this shit down! Before he actually Lucilles Abe, he tells his men if anyone moves to cut out Carl's eye and feed it to Rick, so he makes it pretty damn clear that any more outbursts will have dire consequences, and he let the first one go before explaining that to the group. THIS IS IMPORTANT BECAUSE LOL. LOL!!!!!!!!!!!

Anyway He basically shoves bloody gross Abe-brains Lucille in Rosita's face, noting how torn up she was and guessing they were together, taunting her, telling her to LOOK AT THE BAT. It was pretty fucking awful, all things considered. But, well, yeah. Team Family was sadly, for the first time, completely fucked and they knew it. And yet here comes Daryl seeing him say that to Rosita, jumping up to deck Negan in the face.

And Negan, being a man of his word and wanting them to understand that, said he warned them about what would happen if something like that happened. So he has to punish Daryl now. Only, he faces Daryl for a split second, before quickly whirling around and whacking Glenn. Glenn my fucking precious angel I AM SO UPSET ABOUT THIS. KIYUU AND I WERE A MESS AT THIS POINT AND SCREAMING MORE BECAUSE FUCK ME. And they basically ... mirrored the comics perfectly for Glenn's death. From his "M-Maggie" to how his face looked when he was still still, briefly, alive (aka that eye thing, which Negan uses his comic lines about). Abe was brutal already, Glenn ... was beyond words. It was horrible. Awful. The fucking worst. And all the more painful when he's looking at Maggie and says "I'll find you."

Here is me after that fresh ass bullshit.

It's not over yet!: So after the RV ride, Negan and Rick return and Rick still has that LOOK in his eye when he looks at Negan. You can see the difference in how he looks from how he looks ... at the end. :) But yeah. Negan notes that and calls Carl over and basically tells Rick to cut off Carl's arm with the hatchet, or they'd all die. Because despite everything that had happened already, Rick still had THE LOOK, that look of defiance and not submission. Though he was learning very quickly that Negan is actually a man of his word.

Rick's breakdown here was heartbreaking. The pleading, asking for it to be him instead. Even Michonne realized how up shit's creek they were and begged Negan, telling him they understood, ALL FOR CARL because you could see the fear in her eyes when he brought Carl into it. HER BOY, HER ADOPTED SON, HER BFF. Of course Negan is like LOL NOPE because even though the rest of them knew where they stood, Rick was still giving him that face (like Negan shit in his scrambled eggs, as Negan so eloquently put it).

That face was gone by the end of the scene because Rick, as much as it killed him inside, realized what would happen, and even Carl was like "Just do it, dad." And Rick finally completely breaks, though Negan stops him before he actually cuts Carl's arm off (since he was going to at that point). And then he makes it very clear to Rick where he stands, and just UGH the whole scene, Rick's screaming, his crying, his hyperventilating, his meek "yes"es and "right"s to Negan and his expression that Negan finally sees as the ones he was waiting for, the one that isn't defiant anymore but broken and obedient.

The aftermath: Where my heart starts to break even more than it was already broken. For starters, Negan takes Daryl with them when they leave, and MORE COMIC LINES so much was from the comics I was so happy. Basically, Negan leaves them a truck so they can deliver shit to him and bounces with the "Ta-ta" line, and that's when Team Family is finally able to move and react.


Maggie being the first to react killed me. :( Because she was already in immense pain. Forcing herself to get up and go to Glenn, blaming herself which was AWFUL and saying they were out there for her. And just. Maggie no it was not your fault (not GLENN ANYWAY stares at Daryl) and her weakly and helplessly trying to move Glenn until the others talk her into letting them help because as Rick puts it, "he's our family too." Her telling them to go back to Alexandria to get ready to FIGHT this guy and she'll get to the Hilltop alone from here, Sasha standing up to JOIN HER and help her (as well as Glenn and Abe) get there as well. It was just so painful and emotional with Carl helping Maggie too (just like she was there for him with Lori) and Sasha and Rosita having that moment about Abraham before going to tend to his body ... along with Eugene because BROS.

And if the episode didn't basically punch us in the mouth ENOUGH here goes Rick watching a walker approach as they drive away and it drops down to the head-splatter from either Abe or Glenn (wiki says it's Abe's) :( Like, fuck you guys for real.

But it doesn't end there. They repeat one of Negan's lines earlier in the episode to Rick with the imagery of exactly what his dream was.

Bet you thought you were all gonna grow old together, sittin’ around the table at Sunday dinner and the happily ever after. No. Doesn’t work like that, Rick. Not anymore.

Like how dare you also BABY HERSHEL, NO.



JDM as Negan: Ok I guess I am starting here. We only got a small taste in the season finale (which was all the taste I needed t b h) so having a full episode to really see Negan in action was something I was super looking forward to. And he is perfect. HE IS. SO PERFECT. You can just FEEL how much JDM is loving the part and bringing all that he has into it. He was a fan of the comics and wanted to be Negan so much, and basically went FUCK YEAH when he had the slightest inkling that this was the part he was being offered. THIS VIDEO SAYS IT ALL. I think he's a fantastic Negan, SUPER PERFECT and I can't wait for more.

That said, I love how so far they're balancing Negan as we've come to know and love him. His brutality and yet his honesty in that he's not killing for the thrill of it (even though he ... very much enjoys it!) as much as sending a message. People have been arguing Glenn would have died anyway because "Negan was crazy" which is just untrue though I can forgive anyone making that assumption who hasn't read the comics. Because Negan does have a code and way of doing things and they showcased it so well so far. They've got his jokes and his smartass comments and that GRINNING and then those more serious moments when he's really breaking Rick down to show the group that he's totally fucking serious and also a legit danger and not just some maniac swinging a bat around.

I love Negan, and you can tell JDM loves Negan so I'm so hyped for more of him now that he's HERE. I still can't get over that HE'S FINALLY HERE. WE'RE FINALLY HERE!! I've been waiting for this for so long!

Rick Fuckin Grimes and also Andy: This is a shoutout to Andy and his amazing acting in this episode. Every emotion you could feel yourself, he is just. So fucking great at delivering that "we're fucked" Rick to that "I know we're fucked but I'm still going to be a smartass to this guy" to the end where he just gets completely god damned broken. The crying, the screaming, the hyperventilating, it was all so GRIPPING and Andy deserves 10000 awards for this one single episode alone it was so riveting. He and JDM were the highlights of this episode and just ... GOD I feel those words aren't even enough to describe it. The despair Rick goes through just reverberates through you.

Abraham: RIP Abe your Abe-isms will be remembered fondly. They dealt with his death really well IMO. The little peace sign to Sasha (that was their little ongoing thing) was heartbreaking and I was freaking out so bad the first airing I didn't notice it until the reair lmao. But it was SO GOOD and I'm so happy they gave him one more LINE for the road in the form of "suck ... my ... nuts." It was a brave and very Abe way to go out and they did him justice.

That said, I'm sad he never quite reached that level he got to in the comics are Rick's second in a way. I think they built him up well enough even though I think due to large cast and focus on the ~faves~ he didn't get to each his full potential. He was, IMO where the Lucille lineup was concerned, on the list of can die, and nobody would be devastated over it. It had to be a main, one of the Atlanta Five for that sort of impact. But otherwise I'm glad what they did with his character. His relationship with Rosita, while similarly messy like in the comics, didn't have the straight up cheating and I'm glad for that because since he didn't become a ~fan fave~ that would have been more of a "meh whatever" point not in his favor. He flirted with Sasha and let her know he was WANTIN IT and she promptly shut it down and basically said not until he sorted his shit out. Which he ended up doing with Rosita.

And his relationship with Eugene will forever be one of my favorite things in the series. I'm so glad they were able to reach this sense of brotherhood especially after what they went through. Character development and ups and downs is one of my favorite things about this series and it really shined where these two were concerned. Their hug in the season finale KILLED ME WITH FEELS. I will miss that. I WILL MISS ABRAHAM. BABRAHAM!!!

Glenn: /slowly lies on the floor as water leaks out of my eyeholes

This was probably the most devastating thing on the show thus far. And there have been some good contenders (Sophia, Hershel, Tyreese). Just, Jesus Christ what a brutal death. As a comic fan, part of me ... is really glad they kept to the comic, down to the gross details as bad as that sounds. Even though I didn't want Glenn to be the "big death" on the lineup but I'll get into that later.

His last words to Maggie were 100x more painful than in the comics as well. The "I'll find you," and as they explained it on Talking Dead, it just has this meaning of he'll find her no matter where they are. They're starcrossed lovers. Be it on the other side or in another life or even just in the meantime watching over her (and Hershel when he is born) and UGH. Like they also said, it was a very Glenn way to go out, selfless, caring more about others over himself.

I'm so, so sad that Glenn had to die the way he did, as punishment for Daryl's actions. Part of me was curious about how he would, if he lived, went on to deal with things, as Carol far outlived her comic counterpart and became a phenomenal character. Glenn was always one of my favorite characters in the comic and in the series, and I miss him in the comics well enough, but I'll really, REALLY miss him in the series. He was always that type of character, honest and selfless and determined and brave and supportive and him and Maggie were the cutest thing in the world. I loved their relationship so much more in the series than the comics so that's why it hurts that much more to see them torn apart in such an awful way.

The Daryl debate: Because boy howdy people are sure one side or the other and it's gettin' ugly. I love Daryl. I am a fan of the Walking Dead as a whole. I love the series, I love the comics, the games, the novels, the mobile games, I consume every form of media from it. I am in literal Walking Dead hell and I couldn't be more happy in that. So above faves, I am a general fan of the franchise. That being said, let me reiterate I love Daryl. He was always one of my favorites, I have SO MUCH MERCH, my messenger bag is a Daryl wings bag! I love him to death!

I wanted him to be Negan's victim more than any other character for two reasons. One being that this death in particular had to be huge and impactful much like it was in the comics. It had to be a favorite character to die, so from a storytelling/impact standpoint that alone was one huge reason why. The other reason why is because Daryl has become the Leon Kennedy of TWD. So many characters, some of which you only see a few times, some of which don't get enough spotlight because they throw a lot of focus onto the hot fanfave who makes the girls' panties wet. (what makes me laugh is Leon is the STAR of the next RE movie and he has a FUCKING MOTORCYCLE IN IT LMAO GOD DAMN) At this time in TWD we have a lot of new characters coming into the series. Jesus is basically one of my other absolute favorite characters and the series has treated him so perfectly so far. So I worry that characters like him and Ezekiel and others who really DESERVE focus and to become their own so people can see them and love them and they can live up to how amazing their comic counterparts are (JESUS. IS. SO!!! AMAZING!!!!!!! I CANNOT!!!!!!!!!) And I worry that Daryl being alive will end up taking that away from them. That was another reason I wanted him to go, so they could put more focus on these new characters as well as the others already there who still need spotlight. So like I said, I love Daryl, but I love the franchise so would have been and wanted him to be the big Lucille victim.

Anyway, onto the more pressing thing at hand with him, is that ... as a Daryl fan, I admit 100% he fucked up pretty bad and it was absolutely his fault Glenn was killed. I'm just going to copy and paste what I wrote on tumblr since tumblr is torn between "fuck Daryl I hate him" and "Daryl is literally not to blame":

He did do something wrong, they were warned, he made a bad call (not even bashing his potential mind-set, I’m sure he assumed he’d be punished!) and lashed out when everybody else knew better to and fucked up and got someone else killed for it. He’s not blameless in the least, but he’s also not Literally The Worst Ever. He’s one of my faves (even though above that I am a fan of the franchise in general, the comics, the show, the games, the books, so I do have gripes here and there about his focus and worry about characters like Jesus and Ezekiel and new people not getting their spotlight in favor of him and I am in that rare camp of “I love him but I also wished he was Negan’s victim for a lot of reasons”) but this happened, and the second death was 100% due to his actions. It’s not an admittance to bash him or hate him, because like I said, he’s one of my faves! But it kind of … was.

Negan has said before that "anybody moves, take the boy's other eye out and feed it to his father," so you could even argue Daryl knew that was going to happen but still didn't have the restraint to not lash out as he did. Unfortunately the truth of the matter is Glenn died because of Daryl's actions. Basically one of my husbands killed my other husband and now I am a widow. :( I love you Daryl, but, YOU DONE FUCKED UP THERE. And I'm not sure how I'm going to feel about the continuance of the Daryl manpain train because it's gone on for so long already and it needs to either end in him self destructing and dying for it or finally actually overcoming it and I hope that happens sooner rather than later since we've been on this manpain train for a while already. Not that I won't enjoy it because fuck me I am still Daryl trash I'll eat it up but at the same time aaaahhhhh!!

Rosita and Sasha: I always loved that they never turned what happened with Abraham into like, a crazy rivalry or hatred. It was awkward at most, but never volatile between these two, and I'm glad for this. Like I said above, I think it had to do with that they didn't go the comic route and have Abe just straight up cheat. But more realize he loved Sasha, have her basically smack him down with "not until you sort out your own shit first" wrt Rosita and him doing that before Sasha would even consider.

So them in this episode killed me. Sasha saying she was going to take him to the Hilltop, Sasha being fine with that, both kind of sharing this moment where the fact that they both cared for him isn't something to hate each other for or harbor any ill feelings for, but to come together for, for his sake. I want Rosita, Sasha and Maggie to be the trifecta and rule the Hilltop together SIGN ME THE FUCK UP FOR THIS PLEASE!!!

Michonne and Carl: Ever since Clear, I've loved the relationship between these two. They started out with this amazing friendship and connection and it evolved into this familial love and just GRIMES FAMILY 2.0 IS THE GREATEST THING IN THE WORLD!!!! Everything after No Way Out too, just. The way she CLEARS THE PATH after Carl's eye gets shot out, how Carl later tells her it was something Spencer had to do for Deanna because she was family and Carl would do the same for her and just. MICHONNE AND CARL BEST MOTHER SON FOUND FAMILY EVER!!

Her pleading to Negan when he dragged Carl into things was so scared and so MAMA BEAR TRYING TO SAVE HER LITTLE BABY CUB (little baby one-eyed badass cub BUT I DIGRESS) it broke my heart.

I just want all of the Grimes 2.0 in a cuddlefest ASAP.

And Carl CARL!! I just. God so many people are just like "lol he so cold he don't care" but it's not even so much that. He IS somewhat jaded and he IS somewhat hardened but that's because he's had to grow up in the ZA. It's not that he's detached or a psychopath in the making or whatever as much as I think he too knew the severity of the situation and he tries his best to be brave. His "just do it" to Rick wasn't out of some kind of "lol idgaf" about losing his arm as much as it was a sort of giving up since he knew they had no choice in the matter or else they'd all die. It was the same kind of defeat that everybody felt, but Carl just didn't have it in him to show that much emotion.

Although when you see that quick pan you see Carl's arm actually JERK a bit involuntarily so it's not like he wasn't scared about it.

Eugene: Eugene was all of us in this episode. Straight up.

But like I said above, his relationship with Abe is something I'm going to miss SO MUCH and I can't wait to see where Eugene goes from here once they start to continue onward.

Maggie: Maggie has now officially Lost Everything (save her baby, but WHO EVEN KNOWS WHAT THEY ARE GOING TO DO are they really going to have TWO babies in this show...) Her whole family ... Hershel, Beth, and now Glenn. Her expressions during the Lucille-ing were HORRIBLE and her being the first one to move when the Saviors left to get to Glenn despite her pain is just. URGH. And that she starts to blame herself saying they were all out there to help her. EVERYTHING WAS SO MUCH PAIN IN HER SCENE WITH GLENN. Her sobbing, her trying to talk and her trying so hard to be strong and tell the others to go back so they can prepare to FIGHT and she can make it the rest of the way with Glenn even though she was so completely broken.

I can't wait for her to get to the Hilltop. Again, Maggie Sasha Rosita trifecta of Hilltop leading ladies. She was so strong even despite the pain both physically and emotionally at the end of this episode and just HAPPINESS FOR MAGGIE GREENE PLEASE. MY GAL!!

Also, since Rick and her are on much better, big bro/little sis terms in the series, and since unlike the comics there was a very specific reason Glenn was killed, Maggie better punch Daryl in the FACE when she sees him again. Like OH PLEASE OH PLEASE DO IT. Since she does it to Rick in the comics but there was really no reason to in the series. But ALL OF THE REASON IN THE WORLD TO DO IT TO DARYL WHENEVER THEY CROSS PATHS AGAIN (who knows when that will be tho).

And I think that is all! We had therapy cat Nora there for us after the episode.

Aaaaand despite my pain this is the shirt I wore the following day. :'D



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