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Rec Post!

In an endeavor to start to catch up on all of the series/games/books on my never-ending backlog, I also wanted to make a full and easy-access post to some of my favorite, most recommended series to easily whore out to other people with added links and stuff to get/read/etc said series. So HERE GUYS GET INTO THESE AWESOME FUCKIN SERIES!!!

... because did you really expect anything else to start off a post like this? The Walking Dead is a huge franchise consisting of comics, series, games, novels, etc. As a diehard fan, I've basically consumed it all. But you don't have to consume it all to get into it! Therefore, I'm going to rank what I recommend the most to the least in terms of "you should really check this out."

- Available on Netflix
- Available on Amazon
- Available on iTunes
- If for some reason none of the above can apply, googling "watch the walking dead online" gives you various less than conventional means to watch for free. ;)

The TV series is 1 of 2 of my top recs for The Walking Dead because I love both it and the Telltale game equally. The TV series I recommend above the source comic because I find the drama and character stories more gripping in the TV series. It's a great series to itch that zombie apocalypse scratch but also balances out the story and the characters in this world in a way where it's not heavily leaning in one direction too much. Of course it being a ZA series, be careful about who you get attached to (spoilers though you will love many people anyway they are ALL THAT GOOD!).

- Get Season 1 (plus DLC), Season 2 & Season 3
- Available on Steam, PC, PS3, PS4, XboxOne, Xbox360, Android and Apple phones.

This is basically my tied for #1 rec along with the TV series because I can't choose between them. If you've ever played any Telltale game you know they focus on story-driven, choice-focused games, some of which gives you a lot of feelings. If you've never played a Telltale game, now you know. The Walking Dead game gives you every emotion imaginable and then some. The characters are interesting and deep and also there is an adorable child who will steal your heart away (so Telltale can stomp on it 400 times). If you want a Walking Dead gateway experience with slightly less to "catch up" on and and less frights/gore, TWDG is a good choice for that.

- Available on Skybound's website (the three compendiums cover up to issue #144)
- Available to read online for free right over here.

While I rec the TV series more, I still LOVE the comics so think if you like the TV series at all, it's worth the read since it varies a lot in some places. It's got its own way in going about things, though because of that it can be a lot more darker than the stuff they can show on TV. Still, if you want to see characters like Andrea as they should have been, the comics are great. Not just for her, but a LOT of characters are different in how they fit into the series as well as the group.

- Get the game right over here
- Available on Steam, PC, PS3, PS4, XboxOne, Xbox360, Android and Apple phones.

The Telltale Michonne game is comic canon, so unless you've read the comics to at least issue 127 none of it will make much sense! It covers her story during a timeskip the comic takes. Additionally, it's important to note that it's comic canon because comic and TV series Michonne have vastly different journeys and slightly different backstories. Same Telltale spiel applies to this one!

- Available on Hulu
- Available on Amazon
- Available on iTunes
- If for some reason none of the above can apply, googling "watch fear the walking dead online" gives you various less than conventional means to watch for free!

Takes place on the opposite coast as the main series, and starts at the very beginning of the zombie apocalypse, showing the crumble of civilization and the family/group that lives through it. I like Fear, but sadly it doesn't have the same hold as all of the above things. It's still good though! I just defo wouldn't rec it as a gateway into the franchise.

- Buy it right over here
- Available on PS3, X-box 360, Wii U, PC

Admittedly, an overall fairly unpopular game that covers Daryl and Merle pre-TV series. That being said, I liked it for what it was and enjoyed it! I finished it in about 3 days and didn't find myself bored. It was a kind of a standard thrown together FPS for the sake of making some money off of Daryl's popularity.

- Rise of the Governor: available on Amazon
- The Road to Woodbury: available on Amazon
- The Fall of the Governor: Part 1: available on Amazon
- The Fall of the Governor: Part 2: available on Amazon
- Just Another Day at the Office: available on Amazon
- Descent: available on Amazon
- Invasion: available on Amazon
- Search and Destroy: available on Amazon

A series of novels focusing on both the Governor's backstory and side-stories to the series, as well as Lilly's in the aftermath of Woodbury. These novels are comic canon, whose Governor is pretty different from the TV show's! These are fun if you like side-story canon supplemental material stuff.

- Road to Survival
- Available on Android and iOS
This is probably my absolute favorite mobile game out of all of them. It's got a good set up and is a great way to pass the time. You have your town you level up, characters (from the comic canon, though they have specials featuring Telltale characters) to train and level up, a good social network and guilds to join and lots of fun things to do. I got this when it first came out and still play it pretty much daily.

- No Man's Land
- Available on Android and iOS
This is another favorite mobile game. A bit similar to Road to Survival, but not entirely so so it's fun in its own regard, especially with its battle system. It deals with the TV version of characters to RtS's comic canon ones.

- Assault
- Available on Android and iOS
A fun little "live through the earlier TV times" game featuring a few of the main characters with quests and the ability to buy weapons and stuff. Looks like no further updates happening beyond what's there now, but. This is an ok game.

- Dead Reckoning
- Alternately available on Android
A short game focusing on Shane at the start of the apocalypse. Not too great, but!