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Tara ([personal profile] gaignun) wrote2017-01-10 01:50 pm


"Let me use this more," I said. "Oh, I'm going to fill out a few friending memes and that'll kickstart it," I said.

And then I'm leaving for a week tomorrow to go to California. SO MAYBE AFTER THAT, I still really want to go back to update about NYCC and Florida! Remember when I used to be on that shit like white on rice?

Anyway, I'm going to Cali as a kind of sudden thing, to visit [personal profile] sparkle and mostly save her from her in-laws who she is going to visit. Additional perks for me saying "yeah I'm gonna do this" are potential free food, free admission into Disneyworld for a day (we have a friend who works there) and we're also spending a day in Universal and they recently opened the new Walking Dead attraction. I'm also going to see [personal profile] fritillaria and our tentative plan is to yolo and go to an $11 anime con, one of whose special guest is a dog (Jiffpom!). That will be something else I'll get around to posting about here.

Of course I fly back on my birthday (the 18th) and the next night I am having my annual party in the bar I've done it in for the last like, 7 years so I'll have that too. HOW SHITFACED WILL I GET STAY TUNED. (because boy do I have a story from one year... can elaborate if requested)

AT LEAST I STARTED MY REC POST even though just one series is there right now. SOON THERE WILL BE MORE.

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