gaignun: ([hyd] - bingo!)
Tara ([personal profile] gaignun) wrote 2017-01-10 08:13 pm (UTC)

I'M EXCITED. I keep having these moments where I go "FIRST TIME IN CALI!" and when remember no wait I went to LAX in 2008 for like a 40 person CFUD meetup. But I didn't get to see or do much outside of the con so my statement can half count. In-N-Out is something I also am really really looking forward to, esp because Alison's husband has always hyped it up. FINALLY I WILL BE ABLE TO TASTE THIS MYSTERIOUS WONDER.

NYCC is always a blast especially since it's like, such a huge ass con now. Also WTF WHEN WERE YOU AT NYCC WHAT YEAR? Watch it be the year I ended up missing it or just didn't go for whatever dumb ass reason.

And thank you! ♥

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