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Oct. 23rd, 2017 07:56 pm
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• Have watched Babylon 5 as far as And the Sky Full of Stars. I really liked the telekinesis episode. I do feel like I would understand much better what was happening if The Gathering had arrived in the post yet, but alas, it has not.

Stargate SG-1 I have watched as far as Bloodlines, which was neat. I find Teal'c so interesting and I like the contrast of his usual emotional restraint to that look of hope he has at the end of the episode. There's some rich back-story there. Obviously this is not the deepest look at what it's like to be a defector ever, but I like it.

I also liked what Jack said in The Torment of Tantalus about the Pentagon misplacing entire countries.

There's some really interesting Sam and Daniel stuff in these episodes, too, but honestly I'm not watching this show to have deep thoughts so I'm not even going to bother articulating my thoughts at this point. Maybe when I've finished the season. (Or maybe tomorrow morning, who knows?)
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Have watched Stargate SG-1 as far as the episode The Nox. Good episode. The colours in this episode are great. Reminds me of Star Trek. As in, reminds me of the episode Errand of Mercy, though not embarrassing to watch like that episode, so it was easy to figure out what the whole thing was with the Nox.

I'm still really liking the characters. Teal'c is great. Sam is great. Daniel is great, and beautifully floppy-haired. Jack is also neato, even if the previous all-about-Jack episode almost reached Touched by an Angel level of bad 90s cheese (though there were some striking images at the beginning of the blue rock energy people episode). It's also interesting to see the character relationships begin to form. Obviously they've all made friends, but it's neat to see how quickly Sam and Daniel have jelled into an awesome duo when it comes to sciencing the shit out of things. I'm intrigued to see where everything is going.

All the set and clothing designs on Earth are so very suburban mid 90s that it's both an amazing time capsule and kind of makes me cringe. The wallpaper border in Jack's dead son's room! The pink scrunched up curtains! That shirt his ex-wife wore in a flashback that looked like something my mother owned in 1995! It's kind of blowing my mind.

I can't wait to see how it continues on, so I'll have to make my way through the season one DVDs as quickly as possible, so I can get onto season two. I may also have to get myself a Stargate icon.
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One from [community profile] lionswap, the other from [community profile] sheithparty's Sheith-a-Palooza~

Shoot First (986 words) by Kalloway
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Voltron: Legendary Defender
Rating: Not Rated
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Characters: Roy Fokker
Additional Tags: Pre-Canon
Summary: Roy Fokker was pretty damned sure that he would rather get shot at on a daily basis than deal with some of the waves of idiotic cadets coming through the Garrison.

(both [personal profile] taichara and I latched onto Roy's cameo in the first episode, and then managed to prompt for him, match each other, and write amusingly similar ideas, because, lol)

All New Star Charts (1192 words) by Kalloway
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Voltron: Legendary Defender
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Keith/Shiro (Voltron)
Characters: Keith (Voltron), Shiro (Voltron)
Additional Tags: Pre-Canon, Stargazing
Summary: Shiro, Keith, and the stars above them.

(aka, last-minute inspiration from my break-time stargazing and finally! learning some new constellations!)

Fic or Treat!

Oct. 16th, 2017 09:40 pm
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[community profile] monthlysupergo

Kalloway's Door

DW username: [personal profile] kalloway
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You may get: Fic! (drabbles-or-longer), icons, recs, meta, picspam, etc.

Please leave me: A fandom, pairing, character and/or prompt, or a general request. Multiple requests are fine! Or just leave a 'fic or treat' and you could get anything! (I'll peek at your profile interests and go from there~)

Light is on for: everyone from SuperGo, everyone in my dwircle, anyone wandering by! No need to have your own door post. Don't be shy!

Fandoms, etc.: Saint Seiya, Final Fantasy VII/AC, Final Fantasy VIII, Gundam SEED/Astray/Destiny, Gundam 00, Twin Signal, Kiddy Grade, Macross/Frontier, Generator Gawl, Gundam Build Fighters, Voltron: Legendary Defender, Tekkaman Blade II, any of my original stuff, anything with dragons or robots/mecha, or float me an inquiry because I'm sure there's plenty I haven't listed.

Other info: DNW flat out rape/non-con, but everything else is open~

rwby icons.

Oct. 16th, 2017 04:22 pm
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Further icon posts relating to RWBY will now be at [community profile] beaconstreet.

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Oct. 14th, 2017 06:56 pm
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I need to dig out my to-do list...

I picked up a few things from the sale shelves at the library yesterday, including a two-disc soundtrack for Fantasia, which was the 50th anniversary digital remaster from 1990. I don't want to know how much someone paid for it originally, but for fifty cents, I consider it an epic score! (er, literally!)

Voltron S4 sure was a thing-- the sort of thing I'll be picking bits out of for a while, likely. It definitely sold me a few shares in Matt/Pidge, deargods.

Since Dragonball S2 arrived, we've been watching that-- with everything else going on, it's nice to be able to sit back and laugh at a guy with nyoi bo stuck in his arse. ^^;;

Oh, and also a 'horror' movie called Teeth, about vagina dentata. I actually rather liked it. Boycritter finds it the scariest movie ever, as apparently he'd never run into the concept of vagina dentata before?

Me: This isn't as much a horror movie as it is a metaphor for growing up with a wish for more control over your body and environment.

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Oct. 14th, 2017 07:37 pm
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• I have now watched until episode four of Babylon 5. My continuing deep thoughts are thus: I like Delenn's whole aesthetic because the colours of her clothes and lipstick are pretty; at the moment I possibly want Delenn and Sinclair to make out, but maybe I just want Sinclair to pash almost everybody, because he's dreamy; I find Garibaldi kind of annoying.

• Trying to research something for a story, and it's surprisingly hard to find information on what people in different military ranks actually do. It would probably be easier if I were looking for information on the US military branches, but I've been looking up stuff about the ADF. It seems easier to find info about the army and joint combat operations than the RAN or RAAF, so far. Probably the problem is that I just don't know where to look to find this. Maybe I need to find a children's book about this? I couldn't find anything I wanted in my local library because it didn't seem to be under military history, and thus far my google searches haven't thrown up much. It's one thing to talk about military ranks like we all know what they mean, but what does an Air Marshall actually do? I don't even want to find interesting stuff, just stuff like, how much paperwork does each rank land you with each week, & etc.

• The City Library seems to have moved everything around in non-fiction so things are still under Dewey Decimal Numbers, but the 300s are mysteriously right next to the 900s, and they're not in numerical order in general, and, sigh, hard for me to navigate. I feel like 'Don't make me think' should be the rule of information navigation design in general, mostly because I don't like change!!!

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Oct. 13th, 2017 10:25 pm
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Other than it being Sen & Nadleeh's 8th anniversary, in real time, (Happy Anniversary, you two. I knew you'd be fine~) today has been so astoundingly unimpressive and underwhelming that I think I'm just going to go over there-- *vague pointing* --and do anything other than continue today-ing.

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Oct. 13th, 2017 08:24 pm
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Speaking of TV as time capsule (which I was a few days ago), I bought the box set of Starsky and Hutch DVDs, because every time I caught a repeat here and there it was an entertaining show, and I feel like the pilot episode tells me everything I need to know about the mid 1970s. The procedural plot and snarky dialogue haven't really dated but the whole aesthetic is like a California version of the kind of 70s neo noir Taxi Driver would be doing a year later, but also (like in the sauna scene) somewhat reminiscent of those old BBC productions, which is kind of hilarious. And the homoeroticism starts off strong hahaha.

And the first DVD of Babylon 5 also showed up! I watched the first episode. I wonder how I'd feel about this show if I'd actually seen it in the 90s. Watching it for the first time now, twenty years later, a lot about it seems stiff and stage-y and it takes a while to warm up. The SFX have not aged well, as expected from a show from 1994. I expect it to feel somewhat Shakespearean in its drama as it goes on. I saw someone somewhere recently say that contrary to what they expected, Babylon 5 has dated, and Deep Space Nine seems kind of visionary, which is interesting to contemplate, but also a good place for me to confess that I've never seen any of the mytharc episodes of DS9 other than one episode about Odo and one about Kira so most of what I watched of that show was traditional Star Trek cheese.

Anyway, the bits I really liked were the three scenes at the end - especially the one between Ivanova and the hot blonde psychic about the Psi Corps. I already really like the psychic (even though she mentioned her name in her first scene I've already forgotten it because I've a brain like a tea strainer), which is largely down to the relaxed energy of the actress.

I've also re-watched something like ten episodes of the Lilo and Stitch TV cartoon, which is a cheesy, watered-down version of the good bits of the original film, obviously, but it does pick up as it goes along. The Halloween episode brings up Nani's adult fear of losing access to Lilo but also goes for tired sexist jokes like 'Pleakley's worst fear is his overbearing mother' and 'Jumba's worst fear is his overbearing ex-wife' which, please, this is a kid's show, spare me. Yin Yang, where the two new experiments find their place together as friends, balancing each other out, and Yapper where the experiment is a dog Mertle adopts, and Jumba and Pleakley act like a regular tourist couple in that human-clothes-theme-dressing way they do, are better than I remembered.

Inside the house...

Oct. 10th, 2017 06:57 pm
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...or The Perils of Non-English Source Material?

[personal profile] kalloway: *facepalming*
[personal profile] kalloway: The problem is not actually AO3 this time, though?
[personal profile] taichara: hm?
[personal profile] kalloway: They've finally canonized Elijah (Patron Saint of Pretty Scars) as Elijah Kiel, which is actually my preferred version. I've been using Keel because that's the version in Frame, but... in the back of the Re:Master of Astray 3, it's Kiel again. And Loretta and Kazahana are back to Aja.
[personal profile] taichara: thank fuck, because the others are terrible imo.
[personal profile] kalloway: Aw, I like them as Azure. It's actually a word?
[personal profile] taichara: if it's the sacrifice that needs to be made to not have Elijah be a ship part ~
[personal profile] taichara: *ducks*
[personal profile] kalloway: He's half of a lot of my ships?
[personal profile] taichara: *snrrrrrk*
[personal profile] taichara: spose it's apt, the keel's the bottom ;3

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Oct. 10th, 2017 05:36 pm
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Still AO3'ing, since I feel sort of like death but am also out of sleep.

I've pulled everything I could find out of the Anonymous collection... sent in a Support ticket for an interesting bug I discovered, and am still wandering along~ I had last year's Yuletide fics in the Anonymous collection because Reasons, and then my Chocolate Box fics...

(I think the safe thing to say about that is that I just wasn't comfortable with myself for awhile - it had nothing to do with my recips.)

Next, on the oldest-to-newest cleanup is Breathing Underwater, a Gundam SEED fic from Poly Big Bang! Because it ended up being a lot longer than anticipated, I got rushed at the end so I figured for posting it on AO3, I could do another editing pass and expand a bit. I apparently stalled out at 5/7 chapters and there it's sat since, basically, when I went back to school. (Yes, I suspect these things are related. I sort of joked that I paused my life to go back to school, but it was true in a lot of ways. There are a lot of things, in general, that I had been working on, intended to do, etc. that just got dropped for the three-and-a-half-year duration. And it's okay, because I came out of it in a much better situation overall, but y'know.)

Anyway, Breathing Underwater! I still really like the fic, but it does need one more tiny editing pass and some expansion on the last two 'chapters' to even make them chapters. Sure, it's hitting on 'I see you are editing your edits, again!' but the few things I saw when reading through were definitely some stumbles. ^^;;

I guess I should also wander through the "!archive me" tag on here and see what I have lingering...